Road to Recovery: Following your Motor Vehicle Accident



A motor vehicle accident can cause your life to change in a flash, and dealing with the aftermath can take years. This is where Road to Recovery: Following your Motor Vehicle Accident can help.

Written by psychiatrist Lawrence Matrick, the book serves as a guide to help accident victims cope with the stress of the medical and legal processes ahead. It can be used as a reference to help navigate the difficult web of overwhelming forms, treatments, appointments with consultants and insurance adjusters, and meetings with doctors, lawyers and therapists.

Dr. Matrick also addresses the personal aspects of one’s life that have been affected by their injuries — anxieties, sleep disorder, relationships, etc. — as the author uses his own experience and expertise and a series of case studies to describe some of the psychological difficulties that trauma can have on a accident victim.
Ultimately, this book aims to provide the reader with hope, peace of mind and optimism, leading them down the road to a better future.

Category: Self Help

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in.
154 pages